WALK FOR GOLD's second collection DICE is established from today's gambling disorders and addictions. Misuse can affect more people then your self and just like rings in the water it can also escalate. WALK FOR GOLD wants to mediate a thought that you are responsible to create your own luck.

The escalation has taken the shape of the big earrings in this collection and with the DICE pendant with sixes on each side WALK FOR GOLD illuminates the luck that we create our selves.


 WALK FOR GOLD® is a Swedish producer of creative jewellery that has taken its own course in the industry. The company was founded 2008 by Tove Aronsson. She has a vocational qualification as a goldsmith and a Master of Art from Royal College of Art.

The company works in a small scale production which brings opportunities to generate new interesting products and new ways to produce them. All production is made in Sweden and produced in collaboration with and by Tove. WALK FOR GOLD's ambition is to work as environmental friendly as possible.

The inspiration comes as statements related to the world we live in. The theme mediate an approach that imprints the whole process. WALK FOR GOLD's jewellery are designed in simplicity and are easy to wear in your everyday life. Regardless the themes every wearer is able to give the jewellery its own value.



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